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I miss last summer so badly. Sometimes you just have to call into work to see what beauty is out there. I wouldn’t change a thing about this trip.

we drove 12 hours to get to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to find that there was no where for us to sleep other than the parking lot in front of the ranger station. We cooks our first meal of the day after arriving on a MSR pocket rocket that I brought. After eating we tried to get some sleep for the night. After a couple hours of sleep we woke up to a park ranger tapping on the window of the car and after telling him our story as to why we were sleeping in the parking lot he wrote my friend and I a fine for “camping in a undesignated campsite” that cost us $175 each. Once we woke up all the way we drove down the road to hike Chapel Falls. The hike lasted a couple hours with beautiful weather the whole way to Chapel Rock. Shortly after we got to the beach a storm started to come over the ridge and once it started down pouring Zack and i wanted to keep or camera gear dry so we started back to the car. As soon as we got back to the car we started cooking our second meal of the trip and started backing up to head home.

i know i normally don’t go into detail with my pictures or road trips but it was one of the greatest things i did all summer and I wanted you all to know more about the trip other than a couple photos. I love the 3 of these guys so much and I am ready for our next trip together.

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